Amethyst - 5 Carat


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A popular gemstones, Amethyst is a purple and highly prized of quartz. If it were not for its widespread availability, it would have been very expensive. The name comes from a Greek word that means not drunken. This was may be due to a belief that the gemstone would ward off the effort of alcohol, but the Greek might have alluded to the almost wine –like colour of some stones. Amethyst are invariable purple, though they are found in several shades from pink to violet. An Amethyst crystals always grows from a base.


Amethyst gemstone details:

  • Chemical Composition: Silicon Di Oxide, Hardness: 7, Specific Gravity: 2.65
  • Sources: South Africa, Brazil, United states, Russia, India.
  • Healing Properties: Reduction of insomnia, arthritis & pain relief. It helps our physical mental emotional and spirituals aspects.
  • Product: Amethyst 5 Carat gemstone