Aquamarine - 4.5 Carat


Buy Aquamarine 4.5 Carat gemstone.

Aquamarine Stone is a beautiful in green, blue, yellow, colorless, pink and others shades gemstone variety of the mineral Cyclosilicate. Aquamarine stone is one of the hardest gemstone with a Mohs index of 7.5-8 and specific gravity average 2.76. It is mined in India, Brazil and other countries. Aquamarine is the birthstone for Scorpio (23 Oct – 22 Nov) in Western Astrology. In Indian Astrology, aquamarine strengthens Venus and is hence, the rashi ratna for Taurus (‘Varash’), Libra (‘Tula’). For astrological purposes, aquamarine stones should preferably be worn in Silver. For astrology purpose an untreated and untreated Aquamarine stone with pure colour, higher clarity and less internal inclusions is considered best.


Aquamarine gemstone details:

  • Birthstone: Scorpio (23 Oct – 22 Nov).
  • Hardness: 7.5-8
  • Gravity: 2.76
  • Product: Aquamarine 4.5 Carat gemstone